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Plan A. Work hard at school, secure a good job, set your sights on promotion, climb the corporate ladder, live happily ever after.

Reality check for Plan A. Work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet, being condemned to a life of wage slavery, drowning in sea of debt, the poverty of mind and spirit, existing to work.

Plan B. A simple yet revolutionary idea. Get out while you can.
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This page contains links to tools and resources mentioned in Get Out While You Can and some that I didn't mention or have come across since.

Affiliate Marketing

UK Networks

Affiliate Future
Affiliate Window
Commission Junction
Paid On Results
Webgains has now been taken over by Affiliate Window

US Networks
Affiliate Future
Commission Junction


Datafeed Studio - allows you to easily merge affiliate datafeeds (even from different networks) into one single product database so that you can create standalone affiliate web shops or embed price comparison widgets within your existing websites.

Easy Content Units - a tool which allows affiliates to create a fully customisable, multi-network product content unit for their websites. Each unit is automatically updated with stock availability and pricing straight from merchants' datafeeds. There's a free version based on your affiliate links being shown 80% of the time and ECU's for 20% of the time (CJ and Webgains links are always 100% yours) or a paid Pro version where your links are shown 100% of the time. Available for UK and now US affiliates too.

New EU Cookie & Privacy Legislation

I have written an article explaining the newEU Cookie & Privacy Legislation and what it means for affiliates and other webmasters who use cookies on their websites. I also explain the steps I have taken to comply with the legislation. You can find the article on my blog at

Domain Names

Where to register domains

Go Daddy
UK Reg

Dropcatching services

There are a number of back ordering services that can help you acquire a dotcom domain name that has not been renewed and is going to be made available again. – one of the best known dotcom back ordering services where you only pay if they successfully secure a name for you – has the exclusive rights to auction expired domains from Network Solutions, Fabulous and eNom
Snapnames – handles expiring domain names for Melbourne IT, Moniker, and others – exclusively handles GoDaddy and WildWest expiring domain names

Dropcatching services
(UK names)

Drop System

UK Domain Forums
Acorn Domains
UK Domain Forum

Free website building software
KompoZer User Guide

The online version of the book chapter on how to start an internet business in under an hour using Wordpress is here.

Wordpress is very easy to use, but should you run into problems then you'll find help and support in the Wordpress Support Forums.

Beyond that, I can recommend Crafty Coding who offer WordPress installation, custom coding and maintenance among other web related services. No task to large or too small. Lisa at Crafty Coding has dug me out of quite a few Wordpress-related holes over the years.

Other website building software
Adobe Dreamweaver is the best website building software available, but it doesn't come cheap. You can get a 30 day trial version however if you want to try before you buy.

For all things website building related, try Site Wizard for excellent tutorials.

Website Hosting

For US based hosting, I recommend Total Choice Hosting. If you are following my examples in the book, use TCH or another host that offers cPanel and Fantastico (or at the very least free Wordpress installs if you are going down that route).

I personally don't register domain names through companies that I use for hosting. If there are any problems, I like to know that I can quickly move on.

People who inspire

Individuals who never fail to educate and inspire others with their writing.
Affiliate Stuff
Frank Paul
Lammo: Bedroom Affiliate

Helping hands

When I come across someone who can help fellow escapees, I will add their details below.

Do you need someone who can create simple, but effective websites or graphics? Try Paul Dixon Web Design.

Another web designer who gets it is Nathan Wrigley at Picture And Word.

And another web designer worth considering is Will Robinson of Xometric.

Check out all three and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Sometimes, being a writer isn't enough. Sometimes you need a copywriter. Good ones don't come cheap, but they can pay for themselves over and over. If you're in the market, I know just the man. Mark Richards at SimpleWords.

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Get Out While You Can
Get Out While You Can
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