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Plan A. Work hard at school, secure a good job, set your sights on promotion, climb the corporate ladder, live happily ever after.

Reality check for Plan A. Work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet, being condemned to a life of wage slavery, drowning in sea of debt, the poverty of mind and spirit, existing to work.

Plan B. A simple yet revolutionary idea. Get out while you can.
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Get Out While You can
Get Out While You Can bookTitle: Get Out While You Can
Author: George Marshall
Paperback: 440 pages
Price: £14.99
Publisher: Geronimo Books
Publication date: 16th May 2011
ISBN-10: 0-9535932-1-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9535932-1-7
Subject: Small Business & Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce


1. Introduction

2. Keeping Up With The Beckhams
Why the likes of David Beckham make so much money and why you don't

3. Work Is A Four Letter Word
Why working for a living is not really living at all

4. Three Ways To Make More Money
There are only three ways to make more money - two are for wage slaves

5. Time Management Made Easy
Why most time management products don't work

6. The Magic Of Numbers
How you can use the miracle of compounding to make better use of your time and make more money for less work

7. Nobody's Fool
Why you should avoid business opportunities that require a greater fool to come along

8. It's Not Who You Know . . .
In today's world, it's what you know not who you know that counts

9. Plan B
Plan B - how to spend less time working while making more money

10. No job. Just eBay.
How eBay can provide you with both experience in making money online and a good income to boot

11. How To Start Your First Internet Business In Less Than An Hour
One hour later and you are in business!

12. You Don't need No Rich Dad
Why I don't build pipelines or carry buckets

13. How Does Your Garden Grow?
How to develop an online business from an acorn to a might oak tree

14. Show Me The Money
How to make money from a website

15. What's In A Name?
The importance of domain names to your online business and as an investment opportunity

16. Google Is Your New Best Friend
Why high search engine rankings will deliver customers to your door 365 days of the year

17. How To Earn Money By Asking Visitors To Leave Your Website
Affiliate marketing and how you can earn commissions by selling products and services for thousands of online retailers

18. The Sea Monkey That Builds Websites
Free web building software and an easy to follow walkthrough showing you how to build a simple website using it

19. Let Google Pay Your Mortgage
How incorporating Google Adsense into your web pages can pay off big time

20. Get Out While You Can

The obligatory final chapter - and a call to arms

You can buy the book Get Out While You Can - Escape The Rat Race at
Amazon in paperback format price £12.74 with free UK delivery or in Kindle format price £3.39.

Have you ever had a Millionaire Day?

To make a million pounds in a year, you need to earn an average of £2,740 a day.

When you earn £2,740 or more in a single day, I call it a Millionaire Day.

If you are paid by the hour, chances are you don’t earn £2,740 a day and don’t enjoy Millionaire Days.

Wage slavery, or what I call Plan A, very rarely delivers the life of our dreams, and yet, come Monday morning, you will be trooping into work with the rest of them.

Or will you because there is an alternative to the rat race.

I call it Plan B.

With Plan B, you don’t get paid by the hour. Instead, you do an hour’s work and that hour’s work continues to make you money days, weeks, even years later.

Get Out While You Can is a 440 page book that acts as a blueprint for you to escape the rat race by creating your very own Plan B.

Starting today in your spare time, you can build a Plan B that will revolutionise the way you live your life and make money.

You will work less hours, work the hours that you choose, and earn more money doing whatever it is you really want to do with your life.

If it's a book that you think you would benefit from, you can buy it now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

You never know. It just might change your life.

PS Read the Introduction to Get Out While You Can online (pdf file)

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Get Out While You Can
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